For humans, the Stone Age was a period of pre-history in which we used primitive stone tools. We did this for roughly 2.5 million years, until 5000 years ago we began working with metal, making tools and weapons from bronze. But for the tiny white-faced Capuchin monkeys, their own Stone Age is currently happening! They are known to use stone tools daily, and often save stones for repeated use, something they have been doing for over 3000 years!

Hammer home


Humans have been using stones as hammers and anvils for at least 3 million years, and now these little monkeys are using large stones, which are almost half their body weight, to smash open shellfish, nuts and other foods.

Monkey business


Chimpanzees have an entire tool kit that includes stone hammers, shovel-like branches used to drill holes into termite nests, and straw probes to remove the tasty insect treats inside. 


Aping around

As well as using sticks to probe logs for honey, Orangutans are also amazing engineers who are capable of building elaborate nests that would impress any human architect


The number of years of evolution that separates humans from the Capuchin monkey.